Job growth, new rural projects, new educational opportunities.

Wind energy is powering Iowa’s economy, and we’re witnessing its positive impacts. Supporting wind in Iowa has led to job growth and investment in rural communities while bringing new businesses to our state.

Our ability to attract new renewable energy investments will greatly influence our future prospects and economic potential. Wind energy will be key to building a modern economy right here in Iowa.

Get the Facts on Wind’s Impact in Iowa


In 2018, over one third (34 percent) of Iowa’s energy came from the wind – ranking first in the nation for wind energy as a share of total electricity generation.


Today, Iowa produces enough wind energy to power 2,085,100 homes. That output has allowed Iowa to avoid 4.8 billion gallons of water use and 8.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2017 alone.


Wind currently serves as the number one source of renewable energy, making Iowa a truly renewable energy powerhouse.


Wind fuels Iowa’s economy and creates jobs: nearly 10,000 Iowans have wind-related careers.


Not only do we harness wind power, we also build the technology that makes it possible. Iowa ranks second in the nation for wind energy as a share of total electricity generation.


Our state has 10 factories that build parts for wind turbines.


A new study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts wind and solar projects will be the fastest growing source of new electricity generation in the U.S. for the near future. As a national leader and with the proper support base, Iowa can capitalize on this economic driver.


Iowa’s farmers are paid $20 – $30 million in lease payments a year for hosting wind turbines on their property, giving them an extra source of stable income.