About Power Up Iowa

Power Up Iowa is a statewide coalition of renewable energy supporters advocating for local, state and federal policies that bring wind energy investment into Iowa. By educating, raising awareness, and participating in conversations with our state’s leaders, Power Up Iowa will make the case for continued wind power growth, which will create jobs and new economic opportunities for families and businesses across the state.

Iowa has long been one of America’s wind energy leaders. Today, Iowans can be proud to say that our state ranks first in the nation in percentage of electricity generated by wind. Our commitment to wind has meant new jobs, a bigger tax base, stable revenue for farmers, and unmatched investment in our rural communities.

However, there is still work to do as we build a 21st century clean energy economy. It’s time for Iowa to renew its commitment to leading the charge on renewable energy.

By joining Power Up Iowa, you’ll have an opportunity to shape the discussion on the way forward. You’ll be able to drive support for the clean, reliable and affordable energy that will power Iowa’s future.

Get the facts, learn more our wind’s impact on our economy, and join Power Up Iowa today!

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