Member Spotlight: Doug Hundt, Vermeer Corporation

Member Spotlight: Doug Hundt, Vermeer Corporation

We know that renewable energy directly employs over 5,000 Iowans, but that doesn’t include crucial jobs in related manufacturing, transportation, and construction. Vermeer Corporation is an excellent example of how renewable energy impacts industries up and down the supply chain.

Doug Hundt is the President of Industrial Solutions at Vermeer. He and his team partner with renewable energy developers and installers to provide the equipment needed for solar installations, creating new opportunities for Vermeer engineers to help create innovative solutions and additions to the industry.

Doug joined Power Up Iowa for our panel discussion in celebration of American Clean Power Week, where he spoke more about Vermeer’s involvement in the industry and how Vermeer is impacted by renewables, particularly solar.

“To meet the incredible demand for renewable development we need to look at it from a research and development perspective,” said Doug. “We can achieve that through partnerships with universities and other research and development firms. The investment goes way beyond just us at Vermeer. The good news is this is all housed in the State of Iowa, and those investments reach all different Iowa sectors.”

With leaders like Doug at the head of organizations like Vermeer, Iowa is able to continue to grow and secure a permanent spot on the national leaderboard. Power Up Iowa thanks Doug for his continued leadership, which helps make our state a better place.

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