Gov. Reynolds Thanks Alliant Energy

Gov. Reynolds Thanks Alliant Energy

“Iowa is a renewable energy powerhouse because of companies like Alliant Energy plugging into our state.

“Today’s announcement, coupled with the company’s expansion proposal last year, represents a $1.8 billion investment in Iowa. I am thrilled Alliant wants to recharge our economy and help power growth.

“Our state has the sixth lowest energy costs in the nation, helping spark success for Iowa businesses, communities and families. If approved, today’s expansion proposal will help keep those rates low by adding up to a thousand megawatts of new wind generation in our state.

“More wind expansion projects also mean more jobs for Iowa workers and a boost for rural areas of the state where farmers lease their land for wind turbines. Local communities benefit too, getting significant property tax revenue to help build schools, repair bridges and hold the line on property taxes for businesses and families.

“Renewable energy is also a key economic development tool, helping attract major technology companies while keeping costs low for existing industries. Iowa’s dominance in the renewable energy sector is a selling point and distinguishes us from other industrialized states competing for projects.

“I congratulate Alliant Energy on this wind investment proposal and thank them for choosing to grow in Iowa.”

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