Gov. Reynolds presents to President Trump at White House energy event

Gov. Kim Reynolds traveled to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to present to President Donald Trump at a White House energy event.

“Iowa is a leader in energy innovation,” Gov. Reynolds said. “We have a solid track record of smart investments in a diversified energy portfolio. We invested early in biofuels and tapped Iowa’s richest natural resource–our fields. Now, we lead the industry.

“It’s a similar story with wind,” she continued. “Iowa became a national leader in wind-energy generation through early investments. Iowans reap the benefits with some of the lowest electric rates in the nation.

“We’re not stopping there,” Gov. Reynolds said. “We want to take our renewable generation to the next level by converting Iowa’s abundant biomass resources (animal waste, farming byproducts, industrial waste) into energy.

“I want to thank President Trump for his commitment to work with states, along with his removal of unnecessary, burdensome federal regulations that stifle state ingenuity in the energy sector,” she concluded.

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